FinTech experts at your servise
A team with wide experiense in finance and technology

A robust financial ecosystem is the backbone of business success
We recognised the need for the integration of cutting-edge technology with financial services. Settle Safe Ltd was established with the vision of making financial transactions super convenient, lightning fast and safe, so that companies could reduce cost while enhancing the customer experience they offer.
Everyday businesses of different sizes and across multiple geographies use our payment to facilitate payments from anywhere, at any time. Using our safe and fast payment methods, online businesses have been able to access new markets and grow their revenue streams, while reducing cost, complexity, and risk.

Settle Safe is a trusted partner for companies globally
We thrive on the satisfaction of being a critical part of the growth story of our clients. The team at Settle Safe Ltd is passionate about ensuring seamless business banking and settlement solutions and facilitating last-mile transactions.
Our team puts your business at the centre and focuses on the experience offered to your customers. Our aim is to offer world-class payment services, so that your business can focus on its core operations without having to worry about the speed and cost of payment transfers.
Super Easy Setup
Integration is incredibly simple and fast. Easy to add new payment methods.
Safe and Fast
Receive payments in a secure environment. Optimise your financial transactions.
Grow Your Business
Expand into new markets. Increase conversions. Widen your access to payments.

Security of personal data, business banking accounts and financial transactions is a top priority at Settle Safe Ltd. We obtained the Canada MSB License as we are commited to a highly comprehensive and stringent compliance program.
We ensure that our employees, agents, and partners have the training necessary to ensure a safe environment for our clients

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