State of the art paytech solutions
Customised to your needs, while providing a seamless experience to your customers

SettleSafe offers banking & settlement and digital payment solutions that cater to your unique needs and meet the expectations of your most discerning clients.
Our solutions go beyond offering the ability to make online payments. Leverage the transformational capabilities of SettleSafe and strengthen the financial foundation of your business.

Online Payment Processing
SettleSafe payment solutions allow you to process locally in different countries. We offer a wide variety of options to locally process payments, using online banking systems, mobile money, and all forms of vouchers.
Simply integrate our API to your payment page and get up and running in a jiffy.

Give your customers the experience they expect
Allow customers to pay by their preferred method, with ease and without any friction.
Support popular payment modes and offer greater convenience to customers
Easily add any payment mode and offer your customers true flexibility
Customise your checkout and optimise the process for higher conversions

Make the most of online transactions
Facilitating all types of digital payments via wire transfers, credit/debit card, wallets and more.
Offer browser-based payment options
Accept mobile payments via QR codes and mobile wallets
Allow customers to make in-app purchases

Say yes to assepting digital payments

Banking and Settlements
SettleSafe solutions can be customised to your unique requirements. Given our partnerships with financial institutions in Africa, Asia, and Europe, you can open a business bank account quickly and easily. Our team is always there to assist you and ensure seamless and continuous operation of your business bank accounts.
Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, can use SettleSafe banking and settlement solutions. Whether your an online marketplace, an e-shop, a software platform, or you have a subscriptions business, integrating with our banking and settlement solutions means payment processing is fast and convenient.

Solutions that are transparent and comprehensive
A practically plug-and-play solution. Your team does not need to spend weeks integrating the functionality. It's easy to customise and optimise your online payments page.
Get started in minutes. There is no learning curve for your employees or customers, as our solutions are built to incorporate the latest browsing / navigation behaviour.
SettleSafe covers the entire gamut of activities involved in receiving international payments, so your finance team does not need to work with different systems.
Reduce operational overhead with each transaction
Digital Wallet
Your business needs to be strongly positioned in today's digital world. Digital wallets have become the preferred way of making payments for Millennials and Gen Zers. Can you afford to be left behind as the world embraces this novel method of easy and secure payments?
SettleSafe's programmable APIs allow you to offer digital wallet payment options to your clients. Whether you have a software platform, an online marketplace, or a subscription-based business, you can easily integrate the SettleSafe wallet to receive payments from customers globally and handle compliance.
Fast Checkout
Offer a quick and seamless checkout experience
Meet Customer Expectations
Customers can ditch filling forms and transact with ease
Capture Revenues
Increase conversions by adding another payment method
Stay relevant to your clients needs